Please enter the name of the client for which the creative is being developed.


For administrative purposes (estimates, hours tracking, billing, etc.), please provide the Project Name the agency should use to identify the project.


Briefly explain the agency's assignment and key deliverable(s) for this project. Please identify any specific marketing capabilities you want Quenzel Marketing Agency to provide?

Business/Marketing Situation:

Please summarize the particular business problem or opportunity the marketing must address.

Marketing Objectives:

Please describe what you want our marketing agency to help you accomplish? Please summarize the main marketing objectives you want the campaign to achieve. (More awareness, interest, web visits, phone calls, sign-ups, store/office visits, appointments, RFPs/RFQs, sales, revenue, etc.)

Key Barriers: What are the Key Barriers to Action?

What are the key barriers to achieving the desired results? Please identify the Key Barriers the marketing communications must address and overcome.

Key Levers: What are the Key Levers for Action?

What are the key lever for overcoming the target audience's barrier to action? Please identify the Key Lever the marketing communications must communicate to overcome any consumer barriers to action.